Almost a Rock Star

October 2nd, 2009  |  10 Comments

Let me apologize for being so MIA lately. Life stuff is getting in the way. I’ll still be posting as I can until I can get back to my regular schedule, so do check back in. And I still have some catching up to do with you, too. Please have patience with me. 

dmblgit_orange sept 2009

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, I submitted the Dobos Torte photo to DMBLGIT. Then forgot all about it. Whaddaya know. I won overall second place. A heaping thank you goes out to the host Michelle at Brown Eyed Baker and all the judges who threw points my way.

♦  Shari of Whisk: A Food Blog
♦  Megan of Tres Jolie Studios
♦  Pille of Nami-Nami
♦  Vera of Baking Obsession

And congratulations to all the other winners! That was some stiff competition.

10 Responses to “Almost a Rock Star”

  1. Congrats. I saw you won last night :)

  2. Memoria says:

    Congratulations! You should have won first place! I absolutely swoon over your photos!

  3. Congratulations! Your torte looks delicious and you have do such beautiful photography! This is my first time at your blog, I’m looking forward to joining in on the fun : )!

  4. deeba says:

    Congrats…and loads of them. That’s a great badge to win. Well deserved…YAY for you!

  5. Cristin says:

    Congratulations! Your photo was gorgeous!

  6. Michelle says:

    Passing along a little more blog love your way!
    Please stop by my blog to see what I mean. : )
    ~ Michelle

  7. Well done. It was a gorgeous photograph!

  8. Ramya Kiran says:

    Wow, that was cool. Congratulations!! I too loved your click.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Irina, where are you??!! Hope you’re doing okay. Congrats on this win too. I meant to say that a whole back, but well…it was late, and I’m notoriously lazy.

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