White chocolate raspberry tart and how I pissed off the whole town

December 28th, 2010  |  29 Comments

My office is closed between Christmas and New Year’s. I get to stay home. And even if it wasn’t closed I would still get to stay home, because our area got blasted with a Siberian level heap of snow. Since we are former city-dwellers and we don’t have a full grasp of mother nature’s wrath, […]


Pastry technique: Make your own almond flour

December 17th, 2010  |  81 Comments

Right now I’m hard at work on a big, comprehensive French Macaron tutorial. It will be ready in a week or two, so I hope you look out for it. Meanwhile, I’m going through almond flour as if I had a silo of it in the backyard. Somehow the grocery powers-that-be decided that us regular, […]


Dark chocolate truffles, without a temper

December 9th, 2010  |  27 Comments

Long before I had any pastry under my belt (literally and figuratively), I was invited to a Christmas dinner. I brought along my offering, and announced that they were truffles! Truffles, oh great people of the party! Truffles! And yes, I had made them myself! The hostess perked up, understandably so, because how often do […]


The Best Holiday Gifts for the Pastry Enthusiast

December 2nd, 2010  |  12 Comments

Every year around this time, I take the opportunity to fill out my pastry tool and book collection by writing up a well-strategized list for my family members to buy for me. What can I say? The holidays are about giving… and I have no trouble receiving. A gracious “thank you” awaits for whoever decides […]